hoongirl's JA Starion

Engine: 4G63 1997cc, ohc, 8V, ECI
Compression: 8.5:1
Turbo: TC05/06 Oil cooled Hi-flow hybrid
Exhaust: 2.5" mandrel bent
Differential: JB 3.545 LSD
Suspension: Koni shocks
Wheels/Tyres: 16" Remotec Alloys with 205/50 and 225/50 Dunlop Formula R
Interior: JB Velour
Kerb Weight: 1265kg

Hoongirls comments: "...yeah I know it's not quite as impressive as the Robnell, but hey if I helped build this site I reckon I can slip my car in here :-). When my car blew up I took it to Coltspeed because they have a good reputation and I wanted a strong reliable engine which I could add faster bits to later. I have had my new engine/turbo for a year and a half and in that time done around 50,000k's. It hasn't skipped a beat."

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