What we do

Since 1974 Coltspeed have been the Mitsubishi specialists and in the process made ourselves a name for dealing with all makes of cars. Coltspeed are famous for not just spot on mechanical repairs and friendly on time servicing, but engine reconditioning from standard to full race, spare parts and a whole lot more.

Here are just a few of the large range of services we offer:

- All Servicing and Mechanical Repairs
- Engine rebuilds - Standard to full race
- MoTeC Fuel Injection Tuning and Installation
- Ultrasonic Injector Servicing
- All Machining

- Gearbox Overhauls
- Wheel Alignments
- Suspension, Brakes and Steering
- Turbo Overhauls

Coltspeed can not only make your car go, but with a wealth of expertise and experience, we can keep it on the road for longer so you get the most enjoyment out of whatever it is you choose to drive. From an oil change to building that hot road or race car, Coltspeed is a one stop shop for all your automotive needs.

Coltspeed - Port Macquarie NSW Australia

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