Daves's Sigma

Engine: 4G54 2603cc Injected
Pistons: Coltspeed Forged
Camshaft: Mild (Closed Centrelines)
Intake: Quad 45mm Throttle Bodies
Management: MoTeC M4 Clubman
Compression: 10.5:1
Exhaust: 4-2-1 Extractors, 2.5" Exhaust
Suspension: Koni shocks/King Springs 1" Low
Wheels/Tyres: 15-inch Wherret/Turbo ROH rims
Interior: Scheel Front Seats
Power: 180kw @ 5000rpm

Built in the early 90's this mild build 2.6 has served well. Originally the engine was built with twin webbers, the idea being improved fuel economy and increased power. The addition of a MoTeC Engine Management system in the mid 90's increased power again and improved fuel efficiency substantially. Numbers such as 38 MPG or 7.4 Litres/100km are not uncommon.

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