MoTeC Engine Management and Data Acquisition

"Since MoTeC was founded in 1987, the concept has been simple: build a business on the basis of providing quality products and services using the latest technology available. This philosophy of providing the best possible solutions, based on powerful hardware and easy to use software, has lead to MoTeC's great successes, worldwide."

Since 1988 Coltspeed have been a MoTeC approved dealer. Building on nearly 30 years of race and rally experience, we can provide, install and tune a range of MoTeC products that will cover the needs and budgets of many different types of users. The MoTeC system uses a number of user configured options which are software driven to let you have the features that you need, when you want them. We believe the MoTeC system is the best management system available today and we stand behind our installation and tuning abilities 110%.

The main function of a programmable Engine Management System is to provide full control of the engine over all possible ranges of operating conditions. At any given point (load/rpm site) we are able to precisely set the amount of fuel injected and the optimum ignition timing. MoTeC does this and much more with such precision and flexibility that it is widely known as a market leader worldwide.

Regardless of the model, all MoTeC ECU's are built to the same internationally recognized quality standards and use the same Motorola 32 bit processor. MoTeC engine management systems have passed EPA emissions tests and given the vehicle is emissions capable, it will control the engine to the degree required to pass these standards.

We can help you to choose, install and tune the correct MoTeC ECU for your application to keep your engine at its peak. For more information, please contact us or visit MoTeC Australia's website at

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