Koni Shock Absorbers

If you are serious about having only the best for your vehicle then go no further than KONI Shock Absorbers. KONI shock absorbers are recognized for their premium performance, quality and adjustability. The success that Koni shock absorbers have achieved over the years nationally and also internationally is something to be proud of. Coltspeed have been using Koni products on their road and race cars since the 1970's.

Why KONI ?

A KONI is not your average shock absorber. They feature a number of standards that make them unique:
- Adjustable: to set them to your personal preference and to also compensate for wear.
- Tailor-made: not a copy of the original, but designed for a specific car or even conditions.
- Improvement: individually tested until the optimum in handling and comfort is reached.
- Saftey: the handling of your car is a major issue for your own safety.
- Involvement: KONI test drivers are dedicated car enthusiasts themselves.
- Built For A Lifetime: a set of KONI shock absorbers will usually outlast your car.

KONI shocks also include these exceptional performance features:
- Owner adjustable valving for wear compensation and owner choice.
- Adjustable over low and high speed damping ranges for overall smooth handling.
- 100% dynamometer tested for complete quality control.
- Many models of shock absorber are serviceable.

KONI and Formula 1 have had a long heritage, and many race wins. It all goes back to 1959 when Ferrari was the first car to race with KONI dampers. For the 2001 F1 season KONI is the official supplier for BAR and Benetton, BAR have been using Koni already for three years and Benetton are back in 2001. The KONI dampers used in Formula 1 are custom made, but are based on the 28 damper series.

For many years the motorsport industry, the freight and rail industry, as well as the serious private vehicle owner have enjoyed the comfort, reliability and performance of KONI Shock Absorbers.


BAR Formula One - KONI Suspension

We can provide, install and setup the correct KONI shock absorber solution for your vehicle. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit the KONI Shock Absorbers website at http://www.koni.com

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